Let’s stop talking about anecdotal evidence and get the facts.  Endo-C is committed to using the best bio-available products to conduct scientific research on CBD and its effects on well-being.  By purchasing with us, you are not only accessing high-quality products and a doctor to assist with dosage, you are supporting research  to unlock the potential of CBD. You can inquire about financial assistance, by calling 801-420-5537.

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Endo-C conducts scientific studies using standardized, bio-available products and potential treatments to study their effects on healing and well-being. Endo-C follows and complies with all HIPAA and HHS regulations. Endo-C conducts non-FDA studies that require a participation fee. This allows studies to be performed that otherwise could not be conducted due to financial and or legal constraints. We are currently taking applicants for our studies. If you would like to be considered, please create an account and fill out the Intake Form and the Informed Consent Form. Once reviewed by our doctor you will be notified about his decision.

1. CBD Study

Endo-C is currently studying the effects of CBD on pain anxiety and sleep. We are currently enrolling participants for this study.




GET AN ID: To sign up to participate in our study you must create an account and receive your participant ID.


SIGN IN & INTAKE FORM: After receiving your participant ID create an account and fill out the intake form. The information on your intake form will be reviewed by the primary investigator. The primary investigator will need to do a full review to verify your suitability for the study and may need to meet with you in person. Once approved, the clinic administrator will contact you to schedule a time to complete an informed consent process.
If you are not approved to participate in the study you will be contacted and the reasons that were not approved with be explained.


CONSENT FORM: The informed consent process will explain the study protocols, how the study will proceed, answer any questions you have about the study, the study product and who to contact with questions during the study, and how to report your observations. Some of the informed consent meetings will be held in a group setting due to the large number of participants.


FEE & FULLFILLMENT: Once you have signed the informed consent and provided the participation fee you will receive a study ID card and one month’s supply of the study product.
After you have taken the medication you will report progress, weekly or monthly, dependent upon the investigator’s discretion and he may adjust dosage and frequency accordingly.

Receive a 30 day supply of CBD every month. Monthly study cost starts at just $89.