Purpose of the Study

Too many people say there’s not enough research on CBD (cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis family of plants.

Not true. There are hundreds of studies worldwide. BUT – the FDA specifies that a “valid” study must have at least 75 participants. The vast majority of other studies had fewer than 75, so they’re totally disregarded.

Endo-C Labs is now demonstrating, through data, what the benefits of CBD may actually be. Hundreds are already enrolled, and thousands more soon will be. The data will be convincing – and will be accepted as valid by everyone’s standard.

Won’t you join us? This is a large-scale study with a wide spectrum of people, demographics and types of ailments. And our CBD products are superior doses and delivery systems.

Now you can see if CBD benefits you in a 100% legal study – plus help make it more easily available to others in the future.

How this Study Works

It’s easy. But also very private.

  1. You enroll online and place your order online.
  2. A doctor reviews your health history and assigns a dose online.
  3. There are very few prescriptions that interact with CBD, and the study doctor will alert you if yours do. Most don’t.
  4. Each month you update your results and place a new order. Your updates are the data in this study on the effects of CBD. Your data, and thousands of others, will clearly show if CBD has provable health benefits.
  5. If CBD works for you, but your symptoms need extra help, then you can request a dose increase – up to 4 times the starting dose.
  6. And your information is secure, private, and protected completely.

If you have concerns, you can request an email or phone consultation with the study doctor. We also suggest that you let your primary care physician know you are taking CBD.

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