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CBD Softgel Capsules

These CBD softgels contain 10 mg of pure CBD per dose – and uses a patented Liquid Crystal delivery system that gets more CBD into your bloodstream than any other method. It also offers a time-release effect, giving you a steady level of CBD throughout your day. Depending on your health issues, you may be recommended for higher and more frequent doses each day.

1 bottle of 60 softgels: $59

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Our products were designed from the very beginning with scientific research in mind. They are purified and processed into patented delivery systems for superior effects in the body.

Our products meet strict Federal regulations, come from approved Farm Bill hemp sources, and meet the highest of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our CBD offers unwavering quality.
This is an observational study, so all study participants receive the actual CBD products. No placebo is ever used.
These products are thoroughly tested for safety from pesticides, herbicides, pollutants, heavy metals and purity from any contaminants. There also are no allergens or artificial colors.
Our CBD products are engineered for vastly better absorption into the body over typical CBD oil and ordinary CBD products.

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Why Join a Study to Get CBD?

Why not just get CBD at some store?

As a medical study, we are authorized by both Federal and state levels to provide CBD at high doses and we are required to use the purest ingredients and processes. You can benefit personally—and help us discover the benefits of CBD for everyone.

Most importantly, all your personal information is private and is not shared.

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Other CBD products can often use lower-quality CBD, unregulated sources, poorer extraction and purification methods, less precise manufacturing processes, and far less effective delivery systems.

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