Endo-C Labs is studying the potential benefits of Cannabinoids, particularly Cannabidiol (CBD), on chronic pain, mood, anxiety, sleep disorders, addiction recovery and many other health issues. We also we are gathering data to discover effective dosages and delivery systems for CBD. We use patented, cutting-edge technology that focuses on the body’s ability to absorb and utilize CBD at the cellular level.

Pure, Federally approved industrial hemp from an authorized Farm Bill agricultural program. Our CBD is pure and legal at every step.

Enrollment is online and easy. The only requirement is that you actually do have chronic pain, sleep problems or anxiety. Minors can enroll under the authority of their parents. To join:

1. Go to www.endo-c.com and create an account and password.
2. You’ll fill out a short health history and agree to be in the study.
3. A doctor will review your health history, and except for very few issues, an approval should only take a day or so – which is sent by email.
4. At that time you can pay online and receive your CBD by mail.

Because we are a study, we’re looking to see what changes you feel in your health as you take cannabidiol (CBD). To monitor this progress, we need to understand how your health is before you start, and how it changes over time. You, and many others, will create a database of information than can be used to show what CBD can do and what it will not do. And by the way, your personal information is protected and private.

Many people know that FDA, double blind, placebo studies don’t charge a fee. In fact, they can’t because they might give you a placebo (a fake pill that does nothing). Further, they may pay test subjects a fee to participate – and there typically are risks with a new medicine. Our study is different. Ours is an HHS study (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services) and will always use the actual CBD study medication. We never send a placebo. Every participant receives the actual, highly-potent, pure CBD medication. Also, we are not using Federal grant money for our study – which allows us to conduct a study wider in scope and with more and varying cannabinoids. Our funding comes directly from our participants.

Even so, our costs for monthly enrollment (which includes receiving your CBD product) is much less than most retail CBD products – plus ours is much higher quality.

You can use most Major Credit Cards, or if you wish you can use PayPal. If you live close by Springville Utah, you can come by the office and pay with cash or check when you pick it up.

Yes. It doesn’t take long – maybe 5 minutes or so. And you don’t need to visit with a doctor. It’s all done online.

The types of studies we do allow us to provide CBD medication to all our participants, but it also requires that we pay close attention to results – good or bad. So we ask for monthly updates to measure changes and know how you are doing. Without this, it wouldn’t be a study.

This is a longitudinal study which means it continues for years and years. We are constantly looking to add to our statistical information on CBD.

Yes. We are governed by the same privacy rules that your doctor’s office must follow (HIPAA). All your personal information is private, encrypted and secure. And we never share it with anyone.

The standard participation fee is $59 per month. If you request doubling or tripling the dose (which some people need), then, and when the doctor approves it, the price may increase per additional bottle (or dose increase).

No, because the information we gather is protected for privacy. We cannot pull out individual results. We do submit regular reports to the state and for publication, but it is aggregate data, with no individual, personally-identifiable information in those reports.

No, you cannot. Although many people say CBD is legal, it’s actually still a regulated substance. Your participation depends on you, and only you, taking the CBD softgel capsules as directed.

You can take it with or without food. We typically advise taking half your daily dose in the morning and the rest in the evening.

We do not want you stop taking your medications for our study. We recommend that you continue your medications without interruption. You should talk to your doctor about your medications if you feel they need to be adjusted.

Most people experience no side effects. A very few people indicated some mild stomach discomfort at first. If so, try taking the CBD with food.

Our study doctor knows of only a very few drug concerns, and he watches for them in your enrollment information. Talk to your own doctor, and if he/she has questions we would be happy to address those.

Not everyone will experience the same results. Some people with chronic pain may take longer to respond, whereas other people will see an immediate result. If you don’t notice enough benefit within the first 2-3 weeks, then ask our study doctor about an increase in dose. If you have questions, please call us at 801-420-5537.

This answer can get complicated, but the simple version that every cell in your body is designed to absorb specific compounds. Cannabidiol (CBD) is absorbed by the Endocannabinoid System that networks throughout your body. This system has been shown to assist many processes that involve pain relief, reducing inflammation, lowering stress and anxiety, improving sleep and more. Our scientific delivery system helps CBD be absorbed into your body at higher levels and more available to be used by your cells. Our product is designed to greatly enhance your ability to absorb and use our CBD.

For the most part, we are actually less expensive than health stores, and you get a higher caliber of medication. We provide a consistent quality softgel capsule as part of a study that has a medical doctor monitoring what you take, how much, and its effects. Also, local stores don’t have stringent requirements on the ingredients and purity of their CBD products. We do.

No … and yes. Our product is a whole plant extract from hemp – a strain of the cannabis family that has high CBD. Our hemp oil contains all the cannabinoids (i.e., all the compounds found in the plant), including high concentrations of CBD, and all the helpful terpenes. Everything, that is, except THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the compound that makes you high). In many places, medical marijuana and even hemp CBD is either not legal or hard to obtain high-quality medicines. And even where it is legal, it’s strictly controlled. Because our study is authorized by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, it is legal, carefully controlled, and supervised by a medical doctor.

No. Drug screenings for Marijuana screen for the chemical THC. There is no measurable amount of THC in our medication and so your test will not show positive for THC. We also issue you a medical ID card that shows you are in an authorized study for CBD.

No. Our current study is using concentrated CBD that has been analyzed to ensure there is no measurable amount of THC. Our CBD softgel capsules will not make you “high.”