We are Driven

Endo-C Labs conducts scientific studies using cutting-edge, high-dose, high-absorption CBD products. We are studying the potential benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), plus the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp family of plants.

Our founders and management team include:

Chris Cannon

Chairman & Founder

Former U.S. Representative Chris Cannon began his career as a lawyer in Provo, Utah. He was active in political circles, and he developed Washington, D.C. connections that resulted in a political appointment in the Dept. of the Interior under the Reagan administration. Among other achievements, he developed America’s coal mine reclamation regulations that are still the standard today. He came back to Utah to lead a team that purchased and restarted the U.S. Geneva Steel Works. Then in the 1990’s he moved back to D.C. after being elected to the U.S. Congress where he served for 6 terms. Health policy has always been an area of particular interest to Chris. Year ago, doctors brought the many roles of cannabinoids to his attention, which he has followed and now resulted in these medical studies to discover the genuine benefits, primarily of CBD (Cannabidiol). He remains active in political discussions. He claims many good friends on both sides of the aisle. Read more

Paul Martin

President & Founder

Paul started his career in corporate marketing in Fortune 500 companies. He made the transition to ad agencies because he enjoyed the client variety – but he quickly gravitated from general advertising to direct marketing and online marketing agencies, which require results to measure success. He has been asked to serve as adjunct faculty at 3 universities for specialized business and marketing courses. His client roster includes Chase Bank, U.S. Olympic Team, Toyota, Lexis, GM, Ford, BMW, John Deere, LexisNexis and many more. As a strategist and planner, he has interfaced with every aspect of business and the highest levels of management. He is an avid read and enjoys biographies, as well as traveling whenever he can. Read more

Blaine Stratton

Executive Manager

Blaine graduated with honors from Arizona State with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. His very first entrepreneurial enterprise achieved $1 million in revenue within 3 years. He went on to excel in real estate, residential development, commercial property sales and management, and owning his own brokerage with over 50 agents. Other enterprises include Pacific Solutions – a document imaging software with worldwide rights that he eventually sold. He is currently active in Endo-C Labs, as well as Hegco, an oil exploration and development company. He serves as an officer or board member for the Cause for Hope Foundation, RISE Institute for Literacy, and Reading Horizons company. He is fluent in Spanish and has lived or served in Peru for 7 years on various humanitarian efforts. He enjoys his family, traveling and off-roading. Read more

Dan Heyworth

Director of Operations

Dan’s background includes 15 years working with the Utah Departments of Health and Workforce Services in capacities such as an Eligibility Specialist, also as a Medical Review Board Examiner and Coordinator. He completed his Master’s of Business Administration, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, plus an advanced degree in Social Work. Dan is perfectly prepared and qualified to administer all aspects of Endo-C Labs’ medical studies, statistical analyses, and company operations. He grew up in Mystic Connecticut where he enjoyed sailing and lobstering; he now enjoys hiking in the mountains with his family. Read more