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New Cannabidiol Trials at Endo-C


(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Have you heard of CBD? It stands for Cannabidiol, and is a cannabis compound used for medical reasons. However, it is not legal in Utah, despite the fact that some people have reported buying CBD in Smoke Shops in the state. To explain the dangers of buying illegal CBD this way and talk about a new trial using CBD, Endo-C President Peter Grant joined Kari & Brooke on Fresh Living.

Mr. Grant writes:

“The Utah Poison Control Center had 19 calls between Nov-Dec 2017, (SLT Dec. 22, 2017) regarding people getting sick after they purchased CBD from smoke shops. The UPCC purchased the product being sold as CBD, had it tested and found it was not CBD. It was a synthetic stew of things that caused headaches, loss of consciousness, seizures and slurred speech. The label did not accurately describe what was in the bottle. This is the problem we have in Utah. The public and retailers think it is legal but it isn’t. Endo-C is 100% compliant with both federal law and state law when it comes to legally sourcing and providing access to CBD in Utah in the safety of a study.

We [Endo-C] are providing access to CBD to those suffering from Pain, Anxiety and Sleep issues. We are looking for those people suffering from chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, joint pain, back pain, neuropathy and anxiety, etc. This is a longitudinal study that will track the long term effects of CBD on these various ailments.

We have a Full Spectrum CBD in a 25mg Gel Cap. Easy to swallow with no bitter/nasty taste. This provides a consistent dosage that enhances our tracking of efficacy. In addition our Gel Caps have a patented delivery system that improves absorption 6-10X versus an off the shelf CBD oil. More important you know what is not in each gel cap, like harsh chemicals,butane, hexane, synthetics, THC or other psychoactive ingredients. Again participant safety is critical.

We plan to [have] access to many new CBD studies. Next will be the Pain Cream study. We will need participants suffering from arthritis. Soon we will be taking a small group for free. Go to our Facebook page Endo-C and follow us. We will be announcing it there first. So our followers will get the information first.”

For more information about Endo-C’s studies, go to Endo-C.com.

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