Endo-C Weighs in on the New CBD Legislation in UT

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Endo-C Comments Utah Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Rules Public Hearing

April 19, 2018 Time: 11:00 AM

Location – Auditorium, Utah State Capitol Building, 350 N State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

The public deserves safe and regulated access to CBD. Utahns have legal access to cannabinoids today via HB130 that was passed a year ago, and SB 130 that passed this legislative session and will take effect soon. Endo-C is the only Utah company legally providing CBD through a participant paid Health and Human Service (HHS) study, approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). Our study is designed by a doctor and he oversees the dosing of CBD and reviewing of current participant prescriptions. The price for participation continues to fall, and quality and cost per milligram are comparable or better than buying retail or going to Colorado.

We believe the conversation needs to change to cannabinoids from cannabis. The majority of the medicinal benefits come from the various cannabinoids. We are the legal working alternative to Medical Marijuana, helping hundreds of people today, and we are prepared to help tens of thousands tomorrow. Under HB 130 and SB 130 a cannabinoid product with up to 10% concentration of THC is lawful, therefore, we currently have “Medical Marijuana.”

Endo-C can help other organizations that want to perform scientific studies and help Utahns with expanded access while contributing to the science of cannabinoids. We provide access to cannabinoid products with the safety of doctor monitoring and HIPAA privacy.

The industrial hemp industry has sadly shown that it cannot self-regulate. Much of the product out there is untested with inaccurate labelling. The severity of the current situation was demonstrated when the Utah Poison Control Center reported over 40 people getting sick, including seizures, blackouts, vomiting, slurred speech, and headaches with two deaths nationally. State and local law enforcement need to enforce the law immediately on this matter to protect the consumers from similar problems happening in the future.

We are completely aligned with TRUCE that the state laws should be enforced by removing CBD from the shelves of all retail outlets since it can be dangerous and is illegal.

Utah needs to take the lead with safety regulations that comply with Federal Law and promote safety.

These are our suggestions for promoting safety and compliance:

Product registration verification

  • Certificate of origin (where raw material came from, with certification that is classified federally as industrial Hemp). Certificate of Authentication.
  • Certificate of analysis from third-party laboratories.
  • Any claims need to be substantiated with verifiable data, alternatively no claims.
  • GMF certification.
  • Must submit a quarterly certificate of analysis that identifies where the product was processed and batch number.

Processor registration

  • GMP certification
  • Must submit quarterly certificates of (CoA) that identify what product was processed with batch number.

Product labelling requirement

  • The accurate content of product.
  • Any allergens, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.
  • Any potential inadvertent allergen (from processing in a plant that processes allergens).
  • Any claims must have data to substantiate claims or no claims.
  • Any known side effects.
  • Dosage information if known.
  • Contact information
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